We live in the information age

The modern world is built on myriads of information connections. Those who see and grasp the whole picture have a distinct advantage. Those who can make use of it will succeed. We help our customers succeed by ensuring high-quality, timely management of current flows of information.

Our approach

Information technologies open up unlimited horizons for direct data processing. However, IT is merely a tool. We do not believe that Excel gives anyone the best path for organising data. We disagree with the idea that you have to know what you are trying to find in order to actually find something.


We believe that simplicity and convenience of operative information use are part of the basis of successful work


Systematisation of non-structured data from various sources is a solid foundation for analysis and automation of work processes.


Operative and demonstrative presentation of information across all levels will highlight previously unknown links, trends and regularities.


The single space for an organisation’s database content and its employees’ knowledge provides access to the most vital information.

River platform

The methods and tools for information analysis and structuring developed and implemented by our company make possible:

Detailed investigations of available information, supplementing it with current data at a minimum cost

Ensuring permanent access to the most important information via a simple, friendly, easy-to-use interface

Combining fragmented knowledge, and showing how these are related in a lucid form

Providing professional work tools, taking project specifics into account, particularly those based on mobile devices

River information platform provides a foundation for industry-based solutions in any business activity

We look for opportunities to apply cutting-edge technologies based on profound analysis, processing and virtualisation of a full range of surrounding data connections.

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