A key to successful work at each organisation is the efficient use of its resources, whether human, financial, or information.


Our focus is to help customer organisations use their information resource potential to the fullest extent.

Nowadays, any organisation, regardless of the sphere of its activities, has to deal with data and operative information structures relating to its employees’ work, its company’s state of affairs, and current market conditions, all of which are its information resources. The main obstacle to having a competitive advantage that can be achieved via using these resources is a lack of convenient handling, access and supplementing mechanisms.

Information resources are a collection of quantitative data, employee knowledge and other kinds of information directly connected with the organisations’ activities.



River information platform

The ultimate goal of any knowledge management is its practical use. The technological platform developed by River allows creating information resource management systems operatively to meet customers’ individual business needs.

The River platform system not only links various sources of information and data storage but also provides all the tools necessary for working with them in ways both timely and efficient.

Storing information is not enough, it should be used. Although collecting data for their own sake is tempting, such an approach leads to unnecessary expenses and gets in the way of using information resources for the business’s day to day needs.

We base our approach on abandoning information collection per se. The River technological platform based system has always been provided for resolution of individual tasks, and the specifics of each task determine the set of data and knowledge to outline information in the system. This allows abandoning monolithic, multifunctional, complicated and costly systems “for everything”. An organisation may continue using conventional tools (e.g. accounting), while the relevant information will be transferred over to the River based system and supplemented with data traditionally stored in local files (e.g. Excel) in a timely manner. Customer interaction with our company’s experts allows supplementing these with tools developed for resolution of the customer’s individual tasks.

Project structure

River information platform provides a foundation for industry-based solutions in relation to any activities.

The methods and tools for information analysis and structuring developed and implemented by our company allow creating a system for resolution of your tasks. A typical project life cycle includes the following stages:



Selecting the necessary, abandoning the non-essential, while identifying best practices

This is a key stage of a project that provides for identification of information needed for work, while discarding the unnecessary. During this first stage, our experts will thoroughly consider work mechanisms already present at the organisation, best global practices, and important legislative requirements. This allows avoiding lengthy and costly functional development that nobody in the company actually needs.




Development of a single information path

Visualisation of the interrelation between all the links connecting various data and other work information is one of the River system advantages. Our experts will help design a single information area in the system, i.e. a file that allows structuring all diverse information resources. Throughout the course of operation tests, this will put a stop to wasting time on searches for, and comparisons of, data as well as taking important decisions blindly.


Implementing access and analysis mechanisms


Data handling is convenient and fast

Interfaces are created for people, not for software developers; this is our priority in the system operation. Forget about complicated tables, vague structures and BI-systems that demand special training. A user-friendly interface that prioritises important information allows reducing expenses for IT support and contributing to employee motivation.




Commissioning of specialised tools and user training

The tools created during the course of the project allow your employees to do their work in a fast and high-quality manner. We believe in specialisation and think that a tool should fit the task, not vice versa. If you use any systems and are satisfied with them, we will provide the necessary integration. If you wish to improve the quality of how your current tasks are performed, we will focus on how to do this, via the use of information monitoring and knowledge database updating tools.



Once the system is commissioned, all employees may participate in filling-in and updating information, ensuring that data is topical and at the same time, strengthening the team spirit across the company.



Applying industries

Sales management


HR management


Real estate and property complex management




Urban economy


Oil and gas


Servicing, equipment and goods supply


Control and inspection


The River platform based system can be used for resolution of business tasks in any area where there is a need for collection, handling and systematising data and information

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